Monday, May 9, 2011

"I Should Have Stayed In OZ"

Here's a piece I recently finished for a new book called "I Should Have Stayed in OZ", to be published by Yard Dog Press. I love the idea of this one: a collection of short stories of what happens to Dorothy when she gets back to Kansas. It'll be an anthology of different authors, and I've not seen any of the text, so I'm really looking forward to getting this one myself when it's printed, and seeing what kind of tales they come up with!


  1. You do realize that OZMA OF OZ, DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD IN OZ, THE ROAD TO OZ, and THE EMERALD CITY OF OZ (books 3-6) all deal with what happened to Dorothy after she got back to Kansas.

  2. Oh, Baum had sequels, it's true, but to a modern reader they're about as interesting as Bartleby the Scrivener. Taking the aftermath of the original, as it is *popularly* perceived, and running off in new directions with it seems like a much more productive way to get people to actually want to *read*. Those Baum "classics" are pretty well loaded with things that make a current reader go "WTF?" - where the style doesn't cause them to nod off after two paragraphs.

    All tales get updated. How many times has Romeo and Juliet been reset successfully? And how often has the plot of Dances With The Avatar of Pocahontas been recycled lately? Even the BBC does it; consider the reboot of Sherlock. Stuff that's worn out and ready for the museum is not disgraced by being replaced in service by something that does the job better.