Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ConDFW 10 - 2011 Program Book Cover

I seem to have surprised some people with the last posting. Most folks only know my work in pen and ink. But I have been playing more with color the last year or two. Specifically taking my ink drawings, then scanning them and using a digital airbrush to get the affects I always wanted to, but just took so long with a real airbrush.
Here's another one, from earlier in this year. The good folks at ConDFW in Dallas were kind enough to invite me to be the Artist Guest of Honor this year, and I took that as an opportunity to do my version of their pegasus mascot. Originally it was just meant to be used on badges, so I kept it to a more horizontal format. Then, when they said they also wanted to use it on the program book cover, they let me do the design work on that. I was quite pleased with the graphic result here.

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